Thursday, May 12, 2011

#177 Lost and Found

I have a history of losing things (mostly jewelry) and miraculously finding them again, sometimes months later. Following is a short list, sure to grow as I grow in age:

• In high school I lost a necklace that I had put in gym locker during practice. While walking out to the car I found it hanging on the front of my coat.

• I lost a gold hoop earring and found it probably a year later on the floor in my garage. Once side was a little banged up, but not really that noticeable, so I just kept wearing it.

• I lost a gold hoop earring AGAIN and after several months of waiting to see where it would turn up, I broke down and bought another pair. Another few months went by and I found the first gold earring in the gear shifter thingy in my car.

• A month or so ago a lost a gold dangle earring. Last week as I was pulling into my garage I saw something shiny on the garage floor, just to the left of where I park. When I opened my door I saw not only the gold dangle earring, but my watch, which had fallen off earlier that day. I hadn’t even noticed my watch was missing.

• I lost a silver hoop earring about two years ago. I still haven’t given up hope.

• I really lost the necklace I first “lost” in high school about 11 years ago. I had another one made (it had been a gift from my aunt for my baptism) so I guess technically it “reappeared”.

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