Thursday, May 19, 2011

#180 If The Shoe Fits

Last month I was deciding between two pairs of shoes at Nordstrom Rack. Both flats and gold colored. One was a more known brand and looked more comfy, with a little arch support, and was a little more expensive. The other was more flashy, with jewels on the toe, and I think this one was an additional half price or something. I bought the flashy shoes.

After wearing the shoes for a month, I now know that they are not very cushiony, they are little tight (I usually have trouble with shoes coming off my heel, so initially thought this was great), and some of the jewels have come off. I still like them and they are very cute, and I've sewn the jewels back on. However, if I could I'd probably trade them for the other pair.

I was thinking today about how buying shoes is like picking a mate. You really need to try someone on before you "buy" them. Spend time with them, wear them around a little and make sure they really fit you.

And like my big shoes (size 12), I need a big/tall man. ;-)

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