Friday, February 25, 2011

#155 Heywood Banks

Last Saturday night Michelle, Phil, Joe and I saw Heywood Banks at Morty’s Comedy Joint. I’ve heard Heywood on the Bob & Tom Show for several years and have always wanted to see him live. When we got there, Heywood was standing outside his dressing room talking to someone so Michelle and I waited around to get a picture with him. This guy was talking his ear off. I almost interrupted after a while to “save” Heywood but the guy finally left. To go get his girlfriend. In the meantime I got my picture taken with Heywood. He’s about 6’3” and I think he’s really cute. He did ask me right away if I had a boyfriend or husband my height, but I think he was wondering if I had a really short boyfriend or husband and how funny that would look.

I look like a raccoon in this picture...

Back at the table Michelle wrote my name and phone number on a napkin for me to give to him. I did look around for him, but he was back in the dressing room. When he came out to perform I noticed his wedding ring. That would have been embarrassing!!

Heywood was awesome and we had a fun night. Check him out on

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  1. Just to let you know ther are tall women/short boyfriend or husband couples happy and not funny