Friday, February 4, 2011

#149 LOVE Tennis

I’ve been on a well-deserved tennis binge lately. Well, if you can call once a week a binge. Tennis is my favorite sport to play. I played basketball for around 20 years but have always held tennis dear to my heart. I don’t know what it is about chasing that yellow ball around the court. I don’t realize I’m getting a workout until it’s over. So much to love – speed, power, grace, the guys have great legs, I love to wear the skirts...

In December I bought a Groupon for a six-week group tennis class at the Five Seasons. Great fun and learned a lot. (Kurt: "The bird is dead.") I wasn’t ready to put my racquet down so did some research and ended up joining a group tennis class at Indy Racquet Club (IRC) North. Turns out my high school’s boys tennis coach (back in the day) is a pro there and I’m now in his class. LOVE IT. I have a couple weeks left and am planning on joining a league afterward.

For the past few years I’ve played sporadically with some guys at work on our lunch hour (when the tennis center was still standing, may it rest in peace). I was embarrassed the first few times we played because I used my tennis racquet from the 9th grade. Luckily one of the guys had an extra racquet lying around and gave it to me. Nothing fancy, but an improvement. The IRC lets you check out racquets for each lesson so I’ve played with Nadal’s and Roddick’s racquets. So cool! You can totally tell the difference. I’ve told myself that since I’ve never bought myself a racquet (my parents bought my first one) that I’m due for a splurge. Plus, I heard they have specials each month for half off.

Back to 9th grade. Julie and I met in the 9th grade and ended up being doubles partners on the tennis team. She jokes that she never hit the ball. When I was at the net I hit everything with my giant wingspan. When she was at the net she missed every volley hit at her and I hit from the back court.

Stay tuned for more tennis news!!

P.S. My blog photo was taken at the 2009 U.S. Open underneath Louis Armstrong Stadium.

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