Friday, February 11, 2011

#151 Valentine's Day

Even though I have not had good luck with V-Day, I do like the holiday. I have many people in my life whom I love so it's just another opportunity to let them all know it.

My "bad luck" is that the two times I've been dating someone during that time of year, they've broken up with me right before Valentine's Day. One even sent me a text "Happy V-Day" after I'd not heard from him in a couple weeks. It was all I could do to not respond, "Bite me!". (I've always wanted to say/write that to someone but haven't yet.) I guess these days I would respond, "Forget you!" :-)

So I will not hide in my house watching sappy, romantic movies and eating a carton of ice cream. (Actually, I'll probably watch The Bachelor.) I will think of all the wonderful people in my life and how blessed I am.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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