Tuesday, November 2, 2010

#115 Goodwill

I peruse the Goodwill every now and then and have found great bargains. If I had a normal body type I might shop more often for clothes, but I usually look for frames or house ware items. Or in October I head there looking for the perfect Halloween outfit. I found a great Mary Catherine Gallagher skit and round collar shirt there a few years ago, and also found some red pants for my Sally O'Malley costume.

Last week Julie and I hit the Goodwill in search of a dress for her Doonese costume. (In case you've never heard of the aforementioned people, they are Saturday Night Live characters.) Once again, she found the perfect dress and also got some shoes. We do feel a bit bad that we're looking for costumes while others are looking for clothes they'll actually wear, but we like to be creative and store-bought costumes are expensive!

More on the end-result costume later. At the checkout, the teenage girl at the register mentioned our height (Julie's 5'11" and was wearing 3" heels; I was in my 2 1/2" heels). She was a little shorter than Julie and thought it was great to see women taller than her. We told her to be proud, stand tall and wear heels!

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