Friday, October 29, 2010

#114 Friday I'm In Love

With Halloween! Today we were allowed to wear Halloween costumes at work. My group decided to dress as a favorite musician/band. My first costume was James Taylor (bald cap, jean shirt, khaki pants), but as much as I love him (and you all know how much I do!) that is a little boring for me. This past Tuesday I had a revelation in my car on the way home from work. “Melt With You” came on the radio and I started thinking about music I loved from college, which made me think of The Cure, which made me think, “Robert Smith! Yesssss!” We did have a costume contest. As I was the host (and have won the title of best costume numerous times) I did not put myself in the running. Troy Polumano won best individual and a new band “EWeezy” narrowly edged out the Beastie Boys for best group. It was a great day…Just Like Heaven!

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