Wednesday, October 27, 2010

#113 Tallk Chicks In The City

Last Friday I drove to Cincinnati to visit Tammy (my 6'3" friend), who was visiting from Florida. She's originally from Cincy and was visiting some old friends. I drove to Mr. & Mrs. G's and we headed out to visit Aunt Lillian. Aunt Lillian is 90-something and lives in an assisted living facility. She uses a walker but gets around great and is so quick and funny. And lovely - she has her nails done and dresses sharp. Lovely woman!

After that we drove to downtown Cincy to the Montgomery Inn. It's famous for ribs and this particular location is right on the Ohio River. We got there at 5 and had a window table. When we left after 6 the line was out the door.

After dinner Mrs. G, Tammy and I walked along the water for a while. Well, for an hour and 10 minutes, while Mr. G waited back at the restaurant. :-) It had been a beautiful, sunny day and was a nice evening walk. There are lots of interesting things to see along the walkway.

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Tammy and I wrapped up the evening with a trip to Graeter's, another Cincinnati establishment with wonderful ice cream. I had the best chocolate coconut almond ice cream with whole almonds. Mmmmmmm.

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  1. Reading your post has been like visiting Cincinnati. I could feel the atmosphere of the city. Thanks a lot for the guided tour.


    p.s. Special smile for Aunt Lillian. She's really a charming lady