Wednesday, October 13, 2010

#109 Hilly Hundred Weekend

Last weekend I rode in the 43rd annual Hilly Hundred. One of my first blog posts was about last year's Hilly. How time flies! And how I fly…down the southern Indiana hills! It was a spectacular weekend with 90-degree weather. Every time I thought it was too hot I remembered past years of 35-degree weather. I also enjoyed pretty foliage and fun people. This year I rode with a CIBA friend and his friends Saturday (Joe, Mark, Christina and her husband John, and Amelia) and added my friend Steve Sunday. I also saw lots of people I’ve met on other camping rides.

The Hilly has a costume contest Saturday. I’d never dressed up before (I know you’re surprised, right?) and decided to dress up like a roller derby girl. Easy to bike in! Joe complemented my outfit with his skull jersey. This was Christina’s first Hilly and she dressed up as Super Girl. She ended up getting honorable mention (Mini Mouse got first place).

I got…a lot of comments:

“I must tell you, I love your pantaloons.”; “Looking good Linda.”; I think I heard a, “Nice @$$.” from behind but wasn’t quite sure; My favorite came as I was standing on the side of the road waiting for Christina to take a picture. A big guy in his 50s with a mustache rode by and said, “Nice panties.”

Bonus local Indianapolis celebrity citing: Vaughn Wamsley!

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