Sunday, November 14, 2010

#120 Shaun Cassidy

Oprah’s November 4 show topic was heartthrobs, including Jackie Jackson, Shaun Cassidy, The Backstreet Boys and Peter Frampton. Shaun Cassidy was not only, my first heartthrob, but he was also my first concert. It was March 26, 1978, at Market Square Area. I was nine. Nine! It was a miracle I was able to go, since his concert was Easter Sunday and I come from a conservative, Lutheran family (do I need to even put "conservative" next to "Lutheran"?). I mentioned to my mom this past week that I was surprised she let me go to a concert on Easter and she said, “Well, the concert wasn’t in the morning, was it?” Hallelujah!

Shaun’s interview with Oprah was great. He was 19 when he performed at Market Square and is now 52. He hasn’t changed too much – he's a little heavier, has shorter hair (no long, feathered hair anymore!) and has the same puppy-dog eyes. He came across as very humble and appreciative of all of his fans. Here are a couple of his quotes from her show,

“You have this special connection with someone if you’re their first record or their first concert or their first poster or whatever it is,” Cassidy told Winfrey. “And I see the look. A 42-year-old woman will walk up to me and I see this beautiful little nine-year-old girl emerge in her eyes. I do. And it’s so touching.”

He hadn’t performed in public in around 30 years and did a short medley of “That’s Rock ‘N Roll”, “Hey Deanie” and “Da Do Run Run”. After the show I got my three Shaun Cassidy albums out of the basement. I also found some newspaper articles and my ticket stub tucked in one of the album sleeves. I paid $8. I must admit I don’t remember much about his show. I remember I went with Elizabeth Chafin, a girl in my class at school, and that we sat in the far back section. I don’t remember who went with us…her mom? her dad? I’m sure we didn’t go by ourselves, but who knows. And when I saw the date of the concert and realized I was nine at the time, his quote from above meant even more to me, as I am now 42.

It was such a good show (and I must say Peter Frampton is hot!) and was a great blast from the past. I taped the show and am going to give it to Julie to watch. Julie wasn’t as fortunate as I – her mom wouldn’t let her go to the concert and she has never forgotten it. Sorry Jules!


  1. It was MY first concert too...went with a friend and both of our mothers...but my mom was afraid of she stayed out in the concourse during the entire show...

  2. I had the same experience when by Internet I found out the exact date of the first soccer match I attended with my dad. I was 6 years old and I've always remembered few sketches about it and forgotten others.