Friday, November 19, 2010

#123 Dr. Love

I take a class at my gym each Friday and have become friends with another woman in my class. We crack each other up and are often end up giggling about some exercise we are doing. A couple weeks ago she approached me about possibly being set up with a guy she works with. I’ll call him “Dr. Love” for the sake of anonymity. (If you want an explanation, just ask me. It’s nothing bad, just funny.) So Dr. Love asked her if she knew anyone to set him up with, and since he’s 6’5” she thought of me. She had no idea how old I was but told him I was older than him. He’s 25. Yes, I would play the role of Demi and he would be Ashton. Even though he’s out of my 10-up-10-down rule I told her I was up for it if my age didn’t freak him out. She then told me he had dressed up as Shrek for Halloween. “He painted his face green and he looked just like Shrek!” Hmmm. That didn’t make me feel great about my decision. Although if he had the personality of Mike Myers that would be great. Later on, after I gave her my e-mail, she said that everyone thought he was so funny and cute, and that she would go out with him if she weren’t married. She’s 47 so that’s saying something! I was out of town last Friday and hadn’t heard anything yet. This morning no mention was made of it, so I am taking that to mean Dr. Love is not interested. I guess it’s just as well. I don’t really want to be Princess Fiona.

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