Thursday, November 5, 2009

#8 Tall Tips - Shoes

The Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale is currently going on, so I walked to Circle Centre Mall on my lunch hour to look around. I wear a size 12 in women's shoes, which is actually kind of small compared to some other tall women I've known throughout the years. I know of a few a little shorter than me who wear size 14-16. And I think I have trouble finding shoes!

At the gym yesterday morning a young woman asked me where I got my shoes. She also wore a 12 and looked to be around 6'2". Places I frequent are:

Nordstrom - along with the half-yearly sale, I check their Web site for sales and you can search by size. I have a "shoe guy" there who is very helpful and I look for him when I am in the store. Ask for John Copeland.

Clarks of England - they have a store at Circle Centre and have an outlet store in Edinburgh. VERY comfy and very cute styles the last few years. Can be pricey, but again, look for sales or go outlet and you can get some good deals. I once stalked a pair of gray mary janes for a month at Circle Centre until they went on sale. I called each week to ask what the price was. They are one of my favs.

Piperlime ( - a branch of Gap and Old Navy. This is an online store only. I bought one pair of boots from this site. They don't have a ton of 12s but I look there occasionally.

Nine West - they have a store at Circle Centre as well as Keystone at the Crossing and Edinburgh. I don't go there as often anymore. They do have 12s online, but I found that I can wear their boots in a size 11. It's worth a look!

Payless - you could pay more, but why? I mostly get sandals and sneakers. They do have the occasional leather shoe. They're worth a look for trendy shoes you may not wear for a long time. I did find a great pair of rain boots there a year or so ago.

Stout's - This is a downtown Indianpolis store on Massachusetts Avenue and it was the first store my in which my parents took me to find big shoes. It was an event to go to Stout's. They would wrap your shoe box in brown paper and it would come from the upper office in a basket in some pulley system and then drop down from the sky. They also had a cool parrott that would talk to you.

Zappos ( - this is an online store where you can search for any kind of shoe. The best part is they have free shipping and free return shipping.

In case you're wondering, I found two pair at Nordstrom today. :-)

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  1. Hi, Linda. Great blog! I work with Circle Centre doing PR. I want to let you know about the "Deck the Trees" shopping/holiday event coming up next Thursday - Clark's will be offering 15% off your purchase that night. Nordstrom will have special offers, as well.

    Do you have an email address where I can send an invitation to you? Mine is

    - Cathy