Monday, November 23, 2009

#12 Megan and the Ipod

I recently got an ipod and for the past few weekends I have gone to my brother's house so my 16-year-old niece, Megan, can help me download all my CDs. In my defense, I don't have my own computer and my work computer won't allow me to do this. Although, even if I had my own computer I would probably still need help... Yesterday was my third trip and I think it will only take one more visit. I have around 80 CDs. The second time I was over there I mistakenly downloaded about 10 CDs that I had already downloaded. Agh!! Yesterday I was able to get my Christmas music on there and I will allow myself to start listening to it the day after Thanksgiving.

Megan is a junior in high school. She doesn't mind hanging out with her crazy Aunt Linda now and then. :-) She's really smart and pretty, is lots of fun, and we share a love of country music. We've traveled to Nashville twice for a country music-filled weekend and to do a "little" shopping at the Opry Mills Mall.

Thanks for your help, Megan!

P.S. - As an equal opportunity aunt, I will add a post later about my nephew Aaron.

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