Tuesday, February 4, 2014

#367 Are You Ready For Some Football? -- Episode One (Fountain Square)

Now that football season is officially over, I will share some experiences I had during this past season. 

November 16, 2013
Even though I knew a big football game was approaching, I agreed to have dinner with friends to celebrate one of the accompanying friend’s birthdays.  It turned out to be a bigger, more exciting game than anyone expected. 

I kept tabs on the Auburn-Georgia game on my phone and received quarterly updates.  Auburn was way ahead, but Georgia came back strong in the fourth quarter.  We leisurely stopped in shops along Virginia Avenue and finally it was time to hit the Red Lion Groghouse.  Just in time!

There was less than a minute when we sat down and Auburn was losing 36-38.  I asked our waitress to change the channel on the TV next to us to the Auburn game.  Waited.  Nothing.  I asked the hostess to change the channel.  Waited.  Nothing.  OMG someone change the channel!!  FINALLY the game came on.  In time for the very last play.  Auburn had the ball with 25 seconds left.  Nick Marshall threw a 73-yard pass on fourth and 18.  When that ball bounced off of Tray Matthews I screamed.  I just knew it would be intercepted.  But it wasn’t!  Ricardo Louis caught it and ran in for a touchdown!  No way!  I immediately started to sing the Auburn fight song.  All my friends are used to me and have become Auburn fans in their own right, but I was going a little nuts. 

After I calmed down and ordered, a guy came to our table and asked, “Is there an Auburn fan at this table?”  It was a high school classmate (and class president) that had been sitting down at the bar.  Too funny! 

What a game!  War Eagle! 

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