Tuesday, February 4, 2014

#366 My Lips Are Syl-ed

My experiment with not wearing any lip balm is over.  It lasted a day-and-a-half. 

Thursday night I stopped at CVS to check out lip balms.  I bought Burt’s Bees.  I didn’t like it.  CVS only had one flavor – with peppermint.  Not only did I not like the peppermint, but after I applied it, I felt like I needed to apply more. 

Friday night I went to basketball game.  While watching, I realized that my lips were peeling and then I began biting some of the skin off my bottom lip.  That didn’t feel good.  On my way home I stopped at Walgreens and found Lypsyl.  It is a natural lip balm made in Sweden.  I got the Vanilla Plum flavor.  I LOVE it.  It goes on smooth and not too sticky.  It lasts a long time.  The flavor is great.  And it has coconut oil and shea butter.  No menthol.

Monday I stopped at Walgreen’s again for other things, and came across a clearance section.  I spotted a tub of Yes To Carrots lip balm that is certified organic.  I bought the Berry flavor.  Yuck!  It tastes (and smells) like lard.  (I know lard – my grandma used to cook with it.)  And I felt like I needed to re-apply it too. 

During my short experiment I realized that like skin, my lips feel (and probably look) better when I moisturize them and take care of them.  I don’t know that I could ever just not wear some kind of moisturizer on my lips.  It’s too painful.  Now that I have found a really good lip balm with better ingredients, I feel better about my “addiction”.  I could be addicted to worse things, right? 

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