Wednesday, June 5, 2013

#349 The Sun DID Come Out...Eventually

Last Saturday I went to the Woodruff  Place Flea Market.  It started out a rainy day, but the clouds cleared and it turned into a nice afternoon. 

My buys this year:

  • Six CDs, five were $1 each and one was .50. (Ok, one I already had at home.  Whoops!)
  • A skirt for $2.  Fit perfectly when I got it home. 
  • A cute, flowy top for $2.  Also fits great. 
  • 10 lb dumbbells for $2.
  • A fake plant in a basket (it looks real!) for $3. 
  • Dangly chandelier earrings for $2.
  • A Thermarest back pillow, which I will use as a camping pillow, for .50. 
It was a lovely morning/afternoon with Diane and her friend Toni hunting for bargains and enjoying the pretty houses and landscaping.  And I was able to buy an outfit for $4.  It's no Annie's, but it will do. 

For those who would like to check out the neighborhood, go to the above link and click on Home and Garden Tour on the left side. 

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