Monday, January 30, 2012

#257 Jimmy Fallon

Sunday night Julie and I saw Jimmy Fallon and Friends at Clowes Hall. His friends turned out to be his writing team on Late Night. It was a really good show. For the first hour, each friend did their stand up for about 10 minutes. (My fav friend? A guy dressed in a Wonder Woman leotard.) Jimmy was on for 45 minutes.

I've been a fan of his since his Saturday Night Live days. I don't watch his current show since it's on so late. I didn't get tickets to his live tapings this week so was happy to see him at Clowes.

Apparently others got to see him walking around Monument Circle over the weekend dressed as a woman! Real housewife of Indianapolis??


  1. Hi Linda. Is there a place on your blog where one ay write good, possitive coomments regarding tall women? These comments would be written from a man's point of view. I have some comments that tall women may find interesting, as they would be greatly supported you.

    I immediately agree with your one comment that God did create you beautiful creatures for a very specific reason.

    I am so hoping that I would be able to post comments because among other issues, women are also the only friends have. Blessings, Scott House

  2. Scott,
    I appreciate your positive comments. I will approve comments as they come in. If you want to post numerous comments from a man's perspective all in one place, maybe you could start your own blog on this subject? Just a thought.