Monday, January 23, 2012

#253 Jason Segel

While on the topic of Jason Segel, not only does he do a great Andre the Giant impression, he is an overall funny and very cute guy. And at 6'4", he meets my height requirement. At 32, he's just out of my ten up, ten down rule (Post No. 26) but I would make an exception for him.

I first saw him in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I admit I watched it mainly because I stayed at the Hawaiian hotel where most of the movie was filmed. I did end up liking the movie and liking him in the movie. I even liked the puppets in the movie toward the end.

What do I like besides his height and cuteness? He seems to be very genuine. He's talked about liking puppets as a kid (well, he still likes puppets) and being teased for it. And he's said that he's single now because of his love of puppets.

I heard him on The Bob and Tom Show when the most recent muppet movie came out and he mentioned that three things he dreamed about as a kid were coming true in the span of one week: Hosting Saturday Night Live, being on David Letterman, and being in a movie with the muppets (which he wrote). It was a great interview and he came across as very appreciative of everything.

Jason, if you ever read this and you like tall chicks, I like puppets too. :-)

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