Tuesday, January 17, 2012

#248 A Tale of "Two" Tablecloths

I was listening to Bob & Tom this morning and Costaki Economopoulos was on (see Post No. 218). His birthday is December 25 and he mentioned that his grandmother had a reversible vinyl tablecloth she used at Christmas. One side had Christmas print on it and the other had birthday print. At lunch time on Christmas day she would flip it over and it would then be his birthday. She wanted to make sure his birthday wasn't "lost" in the Christmas celebrating. His mom found one on eBay and gave it to him for Christmas this year. How sweet!

I laughed out loud while listening in my car. My parents have used this same tablecloth for as long as I can remember (40+ years)! It's in great shape and has been used for countless Christmas/birthday celebrations. And I thought we were the only family in America that had a tablecloth like this!

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