Thursday, November 17, 2011

#235 The Incredible Shrinking Woman

I had a physical at work a few weeks ago (to comply with requirements to get a health stipend) and after I was measured the woman told me I was a little over 6'5" so she would list me as 6'5". What??!! I haven't been 6'5" since middle school! The shrinking has started! I hear all the time that most people shrink over time when their spine compacts. My mom, who just turned 84, used to top out at 5'9" and she's way under that now.

When I was younger people would ask if I was still growing. I told them no, because my pants were still long enough. The other day I bought a pair of jeans at Annie's that were long enough - the tag said they had a 35 1/2" inseam and I almost didn't try them on. They fit great! I usually wear a 36" and look for a 37" inseam if possible. I guess I AM shrinking! By the time I'm 84 maybe I'll be around 6'0" and will have a bigger pool of men to choose from.


  1. Hi!

    I came across your blog and this posting. I thought you might like to know what is expected for height loss, on an average. As for human height reduction with age, the average rate is considered to be about 1/2 half an inch every ten years, after age 40. This is obviously predicated upon bone density, any osteoporosis, genetics, and other medical conditions that may affect compression of the spinal column (i.e. severe trauma or repeated shock to spine).

    Women tend to lose greater bone density than men, but I would suspect this may be changing as they have greater access to enhanced nutrition and athletics.

    I have lost about 1/2 inch, and my wife has lost about 3/4 inch. I suspect it is simply a matter of gravity catching up over the years. Anyway, just some info that may or may not be of interest.

    You produce a very nice blog - good postings! Good luck!

  2. Hello,
    The bigger pool of men to choose, is your Heart, not your height. ;-)