Saturday, November 12, 2011

#233 Whatever Lolo Wants...

Last Sunday some of my Apple Cider Century Team (see Post No. 221) got together and rode Lois' remaining 42 miles with her (she also goes by Lolo). It turned out to be an absolutely beautiful day and I think the temp topped out at around 60 or 65. It was pretty cold at the beginning though. This time I was prepared with my new gloves. I also wore my "ninja" hat (balaclava). It's all about layering! And teammate Steve provided Hotties for everyone (toe warmer thingys).

Although the riding went off without a hitch, I did have two mishaps. First, I managed to lock my keys in my car right away. Thank goodness for a small town (Franklin); the police came in about 15 minutes and got my door open.

For the second mishap, Lolo told me to park in the driveway of the yellow house across the street because no one currently lives there. (That, and my brilliance, contributed to me locking my keys in my car.) I did as she said. We were about five miles away from her house (returning) and I got a call telling me that a woman was stuck in her garage because my car was blocking her. What? Apparently when Lolo pointed to the yellow house, I thought she meant the yellow house right across the street from her, not the yellow house next to that yellow house. I raced on ahead of the rest and moved my car. The woman was sitting in her car waiting for me. I apologized profusely as she continued to back out of her driveway and take off. Oops!

After the ride we enjoyed pizza and fellowship at Lolo's house. It was the perfect end to another fun-filled bicycling season.

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