Friday, October 21, 2011

#226 Hill Yeah!

Last Saturday/Sunday I rode in the 44th annual Hilly Hundred. It was a great weekend full of sun (and eventual warmth) good food, good friends and a little wind (ok, maybe a LOT). My friend Jan recently bought a road bike and did a great job after only training for a couple months. Way go go Jan! We also rode with former Hilly buds Joe and Steve.

My personal goal was to ride up Mt. Tabor (.2 miles, 21% max incline) and not go to my granny gear. Mission accomplished! That hill is a beast. I get nervous about five miles before the hill when I realize it's coming up.

A great day with no bike issues/mishaps. That, in itself, is a success!

1 comment:

  1. I started following another bike person - yay for you! I ride a lot to and if you ever come over to København you should plan on riding. Most people ride for transportation, but some of us also do long bike rides. We don't exactly have the hills you do.

    keep riding!