Monday, February 15, 2010

#44 Walgreen's Pickup

My boss's Valentine's gift (Post #42) inspired me to make candy bouquets for my niece and nephew. I bought a glue gun at JoAnn Fabrics, along with some green foam bricks and wood skewers. Next stop, Walgreen's for some candy. I have never bought so much candy at one time in my life!

While in the candy aisle, a man walked up next to me. He was tall and gray-haired, around 65 I would guess. He complimented me on my height and then asked, "Would you go on a date with an old man?" I thanked him, told him I was very flattered, but that he was a little out of my age range. He understood, and then commented that he wished he were 20 to 30 years younger. It was very flattering, regardless of his age.

Why can't tall guys my age ask me out at the store?

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