Wednesday, December 23, 2009

#20 Alyce and Kendra

One of my good friends from high school, Alyce, and her husband, Allan, are expecting their first child in January. They signed up for a birthing class and ended up being in a class with Kendra Wilkinson (from "The Girls Next Door" and more recently "Kendra") and Hank Baskett (Indianapolis Colts). They taped the class and Alyce and Allan appeared briefly this Sunday night on E! I think their total screen time was about 10 seconds. If you happened to see the show, they are the couple on the far right. Alyce has short blond hair and Allan wears his hair like Steve Alford. :-) I must admit it was pretty cool to see them on TV. And even though I don't watch Kendra regularly, it was a sweet show.

More on Alyce and Allan - their daughter Maggie is scheduled to arrive the first part of January. When they got a dog (Sophie) I told Alyce I wouldn't dog sit for them. When she told me she was pregnant, she said, "I know you won't babysit my dog, but will you babysit my baby?" Absolutely! I can't wait to meet Miss Maggie!

Alyce is 5'9" and has a size 11-12 foot. Although after her pregnancy she thinks her feet are growing!! Since I wear a 12 we have, at times, swapped shoes. Mostly we let each other know when/where there are any good shoe sales. Now that I think of it, Allan and I wear the same size shoe also (around 10 1/2 in men's) and I once borrowed his golf shoes to wear for Halloween.

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