Thursday, December 10, 2009

#19 Jingle (Deaf) Jam

Last night Krista, Julie and I went to the Jingle Jam concert at the Murat Theater. On the bill - The Elms (from just down the road in Seymour, IN), Five For Fighting, Barenaked Ladies and the All American Rejects. Overall, a great show. My ears are still ringing a bit, as I forgot my earplugs. Our seats were orchestra center row z - pretty good! I've seen the Elms a couple of times and they were enjoyable once again. Five For Fighting was great. I've always like "their" songs, but seeing John Ondrasik in person made me an even bigger fan. (For those who don't know, John IS Five For Fighting.) I saw BNL about seven or eight years ago at Conseco Fieldhouse. They were stellar again last night, even without Steven Page. I knew a handful of AAR songs but didn't know much about their shows. All I will say is that Tyson Ritter is an interesting dude. The sound wasn't the best for their show and I didn't feel that dropping numerous f-bombs was appropriate. Those guys like to spit a lot on stage too. yuck! I do like their music and will probably someday buy a CD and enjoy that more than their live show. We stayed for their whole show to hear my favorite song of theirs, "Give You Hell."

Surprise of the night - a kid (now a 30?-year old man) that I used to babysit ended up sitting right next to us. Too funny! He even said to his girlfriend, whom I've met before, "There's my babysitter!"

Seat rating - the Murat is a wonderful venue to see a concert, but my knees always hit the seat in front of me. I will give this venue a C-.

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