Thursday, March 1, 2018

#457 Unpretty

Whenever I hear the song “Unpretty” by TLC I get a little verklempt.  I mean, I love the song.  But it always makes me sad that there are women (me included) who feel unpretty at any time in their life.  Why is that?  

Magazines, movies, television.  That’s why.  We are bombarded with “perfect” images with no wrinkles or body fat, big boobs, perfect hair and an expensive outfit with a purse that costs as much as a car or house payment.  That is all we see. 

What are my unpretty thoughts?  I came to terms with my weight a long time ago but that has always been my biggest insecurity, not my height.  I don’t mind peoples saying, “You’re tall.” (Most of the time.) However, my self-esteem takes a hit when people say, “You’re so skinny!”  To me skinny = ugly.  I realize that most of the people who have called me skinny are the ones who always want to lose 10 pounds.  That doesn’t make me like it any better. 

A few of my friends have always joked about how small-breasted we are.  Then Krista spent several days scooping fat out of a cadaver during physical therapy school and was instantly thankful for hers.  I became thankful for mine when I noticed one of my basketball teammates wore two sports bras to keep her “girls” in place.  My breasts might be small to average, but they are real and probably won’t head south any time soon.

After college I decided to stop the negative thoughts.  I am healthy, I can do the things I want to do (bike, play tennis, etc.) and I can wear pretty much anything (ok, some pants are still too short).  Sure, I could use a few extra pounds and wear a somewhat enhancing bra, but who cares? 

As I get older, the wrinkles have become more pronounced and yes, I color my hair .  I’ve even started to slowly gain a little bit of weight.  (Woo hooo!)  You have to take the good with the bad, right?  I also have more common sense.  When I see the “perfect” photo in the magazine I know that took several hours of makeup and lots of lighting and photo re-touches. 

For any of you who have ever felt unpretty, I hope you realize the trap you have fallen into and stop being so hard on yourself.  You are pretty.  Amazing. 


  1. Thank you for this. I'm pretty much in the same boat. Once I made it past high school I was ok with my height and even proud of it, but I'm really thin through my family genetics. Thin enough that people will stop me on the street and tell me they're jealous or that I must be anorexic and need professional help. Just a few days ago a middle aged woman told me I'm a bad influence on young girls because I'm so thin. And then there are the men .. lots of negative comments and sometimes even cards from plastic surgeons.


    But it's who I am and slowly I own it.

    Thank you for being positive!

    1. You are welcome! Thanks for sharing your experiences. They can be tough but it helps to know there are others going through the same thing.