Monday, December 4, 2017

#448 Auburn Trifecta

The one downside to going away to college is that it’s difficult to support their sports teams.  I try to go back to Auburn once a year for a football game and have been fairly successful in doing so.  I’ve hit a handful of women’s basketball games in Lexington over the years, which have been fun road trips with my niece.  Even though she didn’t participate in sports (well, nothing after T-ball), she was a high school manager for soccer and baseball, and is a huge Purdue basketball/football fan and appreciates sport in general. 

This past Wednesday I took a quick after-work road trip to Dayton to watch the Auburn men’s basketball team play the University of Dayton at the Dayton Arena.  My bike buddy Duane lives just outside Dayton, so I picked him up and headed to the game.  He was duly impressed with my behind-the-bench tickets.  That doesn’t always happen, so it was a nice surprise. 

Nice view!

Blurry selfie of Duane and me

Yeah, but ya'll lost to Auburn, so ...
The Auburn men have had some pre-season trials and it was nice to see them come together for a great victory over a solid Dayton team. 

Next up was Saturday’s SEC Championship football game, pitting Auburn against Georgia.  What a difference a week and some injuries make.  It was a long, frustrating game.  It didn’t help I was fighting a sinus infection.  My pep slowly drained as the game wound down.  Despite the loss, they had a great season and some crucial wins the past few weeks. 

I rounded out the weekend with a shorter road trip to Bloomington to watch the Auburn Lady Tigers play Indiana University.  Megan was happy to join me again, despite her being a Purdue graduate.  She bravely wore her Purdue sweatshirt over her Auburn T-shirt (we only heard one comment as we walked through Assembly Hall).  Again, we had great seats and enjoyed a victory – Megan and my first road win!  I can’t remember how many times we’ve traveled to Lexington to watch a lopsided loss.  Not fun. 

Pre-game excitement
I'm ready coach! 

Victory selfie outside Assembly Hall!  #wareagle #boilerup

That rounds out my Auburn trifecta.  Two in person games and one on TV in five days.  Not too shabby.  It’s great to be an Auburn Tiger!  War Eagle!    

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