Thursday, February 7, 2013

#333 New Attitude. Period.

I’ve never bought into the idea of blaming a bad attitude on my period. I just never saw the connection. Lately I have. I was playing tennis with my regular group this week and for some reason I was being a brat. I know I can never be perfect in anything, but I felt like I should have been hitting shots I wasn’t and it was making me mad. I started kicking balls to the side of the court, stomping my feet, etc. Nothing directed toward anyone else, just being mad at myself. This went on for maybe 10 minutes (sporadically) until I kicked yet another ball and it almost hit our instructor. Not cool. I apologized and made an effort to turn my attitude around. I did much better for the rest of the night.

On my drive home I thought about the correlation between my period being about to start and my bad attitude. Now, I am usually a very easy-going person and have “acted out” at tennis maybe one other time. This is not the norm for me, so there might be something to this period thing! I can’t think of any other explanation and I’ve noticed mood changes the past several months during these times.

In the future I plan to be more aware of my visits from Aunt Helen (as my college roommate Tammi called that time of the month) and take some pills so maybe I won’t be such a pill.

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