Monday, December 17, 2012

#325 Manic Monday

This morning I had a chiropractor appointment at 8 a.m. so I got up extra early (5:30 a.m.) to go to the gym beforehand. As I unpacked my work clothes, I realized I had forgotten to pack my bra and underwear. Sigh.  I do have an extra pair of undies in my bag now (yes, this has happened before) but I didn’t have an extra bra. A couple of older women suggested I wear my sports bra to work. Not an option. Not only would that just look bad, but everyone would wonder where my boobs went. I look like a teenage boy when I wear a sports bra.

I drove back home (seven miles east), showered, and then drove back toward downtown to my chiropractor, who is on the west side of downtown. Why the west side? It’s easy for me to pop in at lunch or go right before work (or so I thought). I did manage to get there early like I wanted and was first to sign in. (Yes!! One small victory this morning.) 

Freshly cracked and energized, my day was back on the upswing until I walked from the parking garage to the office and noticed that some people were wearing jeans. Hmmmm. I got upstairs and everyone was wearing jeans in my group. What the…????  I took a vacation day last Friday and therefore missed the email about wearing jeans all this week. For free (we usually have $5 jeans days that go toward a charity). Fabulous.

For the record, I now have extra underwear and a bra in my gym bag.

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