Thursday, September 23, 2010

#106 Won't You Be My Neighbor?

I live in an older neighborhood on the "EAST SIIIIIDE!" and have wonderful neighbors. Specifically, the Kelley's, who live next door. They raised five children in their bungalow, which is approximately the same size as my 1,100 square foot home. That's what people did back then. With one bathroom! They are retired and are always looking out for me. They pick up my mail/newspapers when I'm away (and sometimes water my outdoor plants) and are great eyes for the neighborhood. I've told Mr. Kelley several times that I strive for my yard to look like his - nicely manicured, no weeds. Perfection!

I got home late last night and was told by another great neighbor, Linda, that Mrs. Kelley had passed away yesterday afternoon. The past couple of years had been rough - knee surgery, early Parkinson's, and lately, some lung issues. I got back last Friday from vacation and she'd just been released from the hospital (fluid on her lungs). Each time she had a setback she'd do everything she could to get back home and outside. She loved her flowers and sitting on the back patio. Even when she had to use a walker she'd roll that thing into the back yard. And Mr. Kelley was a wonderful caregiver to her - doing all of the cooking, cleaning, yard work, etc. So many times I'd be outside and hear him call for her to know where she was.

Most of the people on my street have lived there for 20 or more years so he will have a great support system, but I will make sure I look out a little more for Mr. Kelley.

Rest in peace Mrs. Kelley! You are in God's garden now.

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  1. How fortunate you are, Linda, to have the Kelleys as your neighbors! We remember you telling us about them. Thanks for sharing.