Wednesday, October 21, 2009

#3 Stood Up!?

My original idea for this blog was to write about my dating experiences. Dating can be rough enough for the "average", but throw in that I'm a foot taller than most men and hilarity can ensue! After thinking about it for a minute, I realized that my postings would be few and far between if I limited it to dating. (Cue music from SNL's Debbie Downer.) Therefore I will post the occasional date for your reading pleasure.

I had a first date last Sunday with a man I'll call "Sandy". I met Sandy at a local restaurant and we had dinner at the bar. Sandy is 6'3" [first mistake - I broke the Jim Harbaugh rule! (see posting #2)], is nice looking, funny and seems like a nice guy. We had a pleasant date and shared some laughs. I did like him, but wasn't entirely attracted to him. He asked me out again for Tuesday. I try to give a guy at least two dates to see if anything changes, so I accepted. He had a short business trip in another city Tuesday and said he'd be back by late afternoon and would call me. I arrived home from work and proceeded to try on items I'd bought that day for Halloween (check back for that posting!), but by around 6 p.m. I hadn't heard from him. Hmmmm. By 6:30 I had changed clothes and had started doing some stuff around the yard and tried not to get too dirty. By 7 I was assured I had been stood up. Are you serious? Do 41-year-old men still do that? I must admit that I was a bit relieved that I didn't have to try to figure out how much I liked him and if/how to let him down easy, but c'mon man! That is just rude. Next...

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