Wednesday, October 21, 2009

#2 Jim Harbaugh "Rule"

Some of you may wonder if I have a height requirement, being that I am 6'6". Technically, I don't. If I'm attracted to someone, I'll go out with him. This being said, I do feel more comfortable with man close to my height. I have an informal heigh limit of 6'4". I have no idea why I picked that height, but it sounds good and two inches isn't that much of a difference. When Jim Harbaugh played for the Indianapolis Colts I would tell people that my height limit was 6'4", but I would go 6'3" for Jim Harbaugh.

I still would, however I believe he's happily married and living somewhere in California. As luck would have it, I met Jim at the 2003 NCAA Men's Final Four in New Orleans. Don't we make a great-looking couple? I forgot to mention the rule to him though. Darn it!

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