Friday, January 19, 2018

#452 She's So Cold

You would think I’d be used to it by now.  I’ve lived most of my life in the state of Indiana, yet I am always amazed by how much people complain about the weather.  Maybe it’s standard procedure to make weather small talk in the office.  It’s wearing thin. 

Being that it’s January and we have experienced sub-zero temperatures the past couple of weeks, this practice has ramped up.  Since I love to play devil’s advocate anyway, I have resorted to my own standard procedure of replying to any weather remark with, “It’s not that bad.”  And really, it’s not. 

Most people have an attached garage (mine is detached and I am currently skating to my car and I don't even mind doing that).  You walk from a heated house into a maybe 40 to 50-degree garage/car.  You turn on the heat.  You park and walk outside for a few minutes to a heated building.  If you’re lucky, you don’t have to go anywhere over your lunch hour.  At the end of the day, you walk outside a few minutes to a cold car, which heats up (hopefully) fairly quickly.  How hard is that?  We don’t live on the prairie, people.  We have heated houses, cars, water, blankets.  We have coats and hats. 

Let me stop here and say that there are some people who legitimately have problems in the winter.  Those with illness or disabilities.  The elderly.  Those who may not be able to afford to heat their home, or who do not have a home or even a warm coat.  My heart goes out to them and this complaint does not apply. 

For the rest of you, can you imagine how cold you would be if you were Laura Ingalls?  If you had to heat your water for a bath (and then share it with the rest of your family)?  If you had to constantly stoke a fire to cook (after going outside to chop wood)?  If you had to ride for an hour in a horse-drawn buggy? 

Yes, it’s cold.  It’s called winter.  We live in Indiana.  It may be just another thing to say (like “I’m so happy it’s Friday!” – you can read my thought on this in Post #416).  Just like you are so over the cold, I am so over your complaining about it.  If you detest the cold so much, move to Florida (although even that wouldn’t help this year.  An Orlando friend texted me last night saying, “How do you stand that bitter cold all winter.  It’s two nights in a row here below 30!”) 

Even though summer is my favorite season, I like the winter.  I like getting a break from working in my yard.  I like being cozy on my couch with a blanket.  I love how quiet the woods are in the winter.  You can see so many different things when the trees are bare.  I love how the neighborhood becomes illuminated at night after a snowfall.  I love how the snow glitters like a million diamonds.  I love sledding.  I love the winter accessories – coats, scarves, boots, sweaters. 

Maybe I play the mental game better than most.  I tell myself that I just have to get through four months of cold.  The first two months are full of activity and seem to fly by.  So January and February are the “worst”.  And at this point, it’s down to a month-and-a-half.  We’re almost there! 

Cheer up folks.  You can do it.  And don’t worry, in a few more months when the heat and humidity hits, you will have that to complain about.  

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  1. Love this article. Live in midwest also so know what you are talking about. You outlined all the cool things about winter perfectly. (Pun not intended but fits)