Tuesday, September 26, 2017

#444 There Is Always One More Time

One week this past winter I listened to all of Harry Connick, Jr’s albums on Spotify (yes, I still call them albums)One of my new favorite songs of his is “There Is Always One More Time” on 30.  

Every time I listen to this song tears come to my eyes and I feel a surge of hope run through my body.  Now, I really have no true problems, as problems go.  I am healthy.  I have a job I enjoy.  I have a great family and friends.  But I, like most people, have things in my life that I want to change, improve or overcome.  We don’t always succeed at something on the first try.  We suffer disappointment, hurt and sorrow of varying degrees.  We cause some of our own problems.  Some are brought on by others.  But you know what?  We can always try again.  We can learn from our mistakes and do a better job the next time.  And maybe even the next time after that. 

There are many chapters to our lives.  Just because one chapter has ended doesn’t mean the story is over.  We can begin again.  Thank you, Harry, for reminding us that there is always one more time.  

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