Friday, June 9, 2017

#438 Summer of People

Spring is here!  Although it doesn’t feel like it right now.  As the weather warms (and cools) and I prepare for a fun summer, I am reminded of the fun I had LAST summer that I neglected to share on my blog.  I wrote it, but never posted it.  Here goes. 

One of my co-workers, Barb, designated the summer of 2016 as her “Summer of People.”  As a wife and mom, she spends most her time taking care of her family.  While she loves them dearly, but she doesn’t always have time to do fun stuff on her own. 

Earlier in the year we found out James Taylor (with Jackson Browne) was going to perform at Wrigley Field June 30 and we got tickets, along with her two sisters, her mom and a friend from high school.  Her sister decided to have a family reunion that weekend, which then turned into another concert (for Barb) to see Dave Matthews at Alpine, which turned into her family and another family having a vacation in Wisconsin the week after that.    

A couple other opportunities also popped up for her, continuing the Summer of People theme.  I was happy to jump on board for part of it.  

I followed Barb and her mom to Libertyville, Illinois June 30, met her sisters and then hopped on the bus with Johnny, our driver, headed to Wrigleyville.  Two hours later we arrived and all I can say is thank goodness for field seats!  We bypassed the long lines and got in our seats by Jackson Browne’s second song.  Whew! 

It was a beautiful night with beautiful music.  What a setting!  James usually sings “Shed A Little Light” at his concerts, but this time it held a different tone, with all the mass shootings and terror attacks around the world. 

My friends Keith and Denise picked me up Friday morning and we headed to Milwaukee for Summerfest.  More music and more people! 

Last year was Summerfest’s 49th year.  It’s a huge event - I was there for two of the 10 days.  It’s like a giant fair along Lake Michigan, complete with permanent food and music structures.  Most of the bands that play during the day are cover bands, with more “known” people playing in the evening.  Then there are the bigger names who play at another amphitheater for an additional ticket cost.  We stuck with the regular lineups and saw The Commodores Thursday night (foregoing Richard Marx and Taylor Dayne).  Friday we saw Blue Oyster Cult in the late afternoon and topped it off with Billy Idol at night.  Billy #$@#^& Idol!  (That’s how he introduced himself at the end of the show.)  At 60 he still rocks. 

I even got a little shopping in with Denise to break up the musical day.  Milwaukee is a fun city with a nice canal area. 

My only regret is that I missed the BoDeans (with Kenny Aronoff!) Sunday night.  We left Sunday morning around 10:15 a.m. and I later saw on Twitter they had a sound check at 10 a.m. Agh!  I had to be back Sunday night and my only consolation was that I saw the PERFECT BoDeans show last summer at the Rathskeller.  (Post No. 399) 

Sunday night was a belated birthday dinner for Krista with a group of our pals.  A great way to close out the weekend. 

Sometimes I can be a bit of a homebody, wanting to get things done around the house.  I must admit that before this trip I had thoughts of how much I could get done with three days off – painting chairs, cleaning this and that.  I finally told myself I could do that any weekend and this was the weekend of people and music!  I had a blast!  I got to hang out with current friends and make some new ones.  Then I got home and found that the weather in Indy had been rainy and cold.  Ha!  Summer of people wins! 

Here’s to the upcoming summer of MORE people and MORE fun!  

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