Sunday, December 25, 2016

#430 A Gift

I recently shared this video on Facebook.  It’s such a simple message and really resonated with me.  I try to be grateful every day but sometimes I diverge into thoughts of wishing I had this or that.  Soon after I saw the video I had the stomach flu for four days.  Ugh.  Lucky for me it was only four (and a few residual) days. 

Today is Christmas.  Most of us give and receive gifts.  It’s supposed to be a jolly time, but it’s not so jolly for everyone.  We miss those who are no longer with us.  We may be isolated or estranged from family or friends.  Maybe money is tight and we can’t give what we’d really like to others.  We stress ourselves out trying to do everything for everyone.  We or a loved one is dealing with illness or pain. 

Let’s take one minute today to catch our breath and really think about the gifts we have all around us.  I’m thankful I woke up today and feel good.  I don’t have to go outside to use the toilet (I’m thankful for this every time I come home from a camping trip).  When I turn on the faucet, water comes out.  My house may be small, but it keeps me warm and dry.  Simple. 

As a child, I loved getting Christmas gifts.  As an adult, I appreciate what others give to me, but I find more joy seeing my friends and family open Christmas gifts I picked out just for them.  And I’m thankful to spend time with them. 

Today marks the birth of Jesus, yet another gift.  And He in turn gave to us the greatest gift of all – the gift of eternal life.  One day I will be celebrating Christmas in heaven with everyone I miss today. 

Regardless of your beliefs or faith, I hope you enjoy the everyday gifts around you, and any gifts you may receive today.  Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa and Happy Festivus!  

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