Thursday, December 31, 2015

#411 The Future's Open Wide

Lately I’ve been in a tiny funk.  I have no reason to be.  I think it’s a combination of no sunlight the past couple of weeks and my period (sorry!).  My alarm goes off in the morning and it seems like it’s still night time.  I want to lay there under the warm covers and listen to Bob and Tom all morning.  But I make myself get up and go to the gym, thinking some physical activity will get me going.  It does.  And the rest of the day I’m ok and somewhat motivated to get things done (I’m also off work this week). 

The other day while driving home from the gym I shot up a prayer to God to help me get out of the funk and help me to improve my outlook.  A short time later one of my favorite songs came on the radio – "I Melt With You" by Modern English.  This song always makes me smile.  I first heard the song when I saw the movie Valley Girl.  It’s one of my favorite movies and Nicholas Cage’s character resembles a boy I had a crush on in college.  Nowadays, I just love the sound of the song and it takes me back to my fun college days. 

I have sung this song hundreds of times but I don’t recall ever focusing in on this line – The future’s open wide.  Pretty timely seeing as tomorrow is New Year’s Day.  Now, I’m not one for making New Year’s resolutions – I believe you shouldn’t wait for a certain time of year to make a change.  Make it now.  Now just happens to be the New Year.  

After singing that line I really thought about it.  Yes, I’m 47 and still single, watching seemingly everyone around me get married and/or have kids.  But each day (overcast or not) brings the promise of something new.  Anything can happen. 

After hearing the song I stopped at one of my favorite places (the library) and when I came out and started my car the next lyric I heard was “Yesterday’s gone” from one of Fleetwood Mac’s songs.  Again, very timely. 

The future’s open wide.  Yesterday’s gone.  The sun will come out tomorrow (or the next day).  I will get over my funk.  If you happen to be feeling a little funky yourself, I pray that you look to the future and see the possibilities.  And have a Happy New Year!  

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