Monday, July 6, 2015

#402 Rock And Roll Girl

Let me make this perfectly clear:  I am neither a stalker nor a groupie.  But I do love me some Kenny Aronoff!  I was lucky enough to see him perform a second time within a month – this time with John Fogerty at the Murat Theatre.  As I wrote in Post No. 399, he mentioned he would be back in town in July.  I promptly bought tickets to the concert and was even able to get aftershow passes. 

I like John Fogerty/Creedence songs but would never have gone to a show if Kenny wasn’t playing.  Nothing against John.  He’s just not on my “must-see” list.  But I am glad that I went.  John is an amazing musician and performer, and I knew almost every song.  He told some funny stories about Woodstock and the Grateful Dead, among others.  At 70, he’s still in great shape and voice.  He played for almost 2 ½ hours straight.  One thing I noticed, more toward the end of the show, was that he played the songs really fast.  Faster than I remember them being on the radio.  I have no idea how Kenny does what he does for 2 ½ hours–he was amazing too. 

After the show Lori and I put on our aftershow stickers and stood by the side door.  After a short wait, we walked down a hallway behind the bar area and made our way into Kenny’s dressing room.  There was a sofa and some chairs, and a table with food and a couple bottles of wine.  He greeted everyone, and greeted me by name (giving me a big hug), and we all stood/sat around for the next hour drinking wine and listening to him tell stories.  He has a book coming out in September and some of the stories will be included.  And he did mention that John plays the songs now like he always wanted them to be played – fast. 

Partway through the story-telling he walked over to me and showed off my skirt to everyone (touching my belly again!) and asked how I keep in such good shape.  (I rattled off that I play tennis, bike, lift weights, etc.)  I checked my watch a time or two, mostly worried that Lori wanted to get home.  We both had to work the next day.  But she seemed as fascinated as me.  I was wondering how long I would stay when a man appeared at the door and said Kenny's car was ready.  This was around 11:30 p.m.  I was sad to go – I could have listened to him all night! 

He said goodbye to everyone and then he grabbed me again and gave me a bear hug.  He told me not to bend over to hug him – he wanted to hug me fully upright.  Haha  Then he said, “I love this woman!”  Now, I know he doesn’t really love me.  He is happily married.  But I understand what he means, because I love him too.  He is an amazing artist and I love his energy, passion and work ethic.  He is the real deal. 

I had told Lori the story of how I met him (at Butler and again at the BoDeans show).  I explained how cool he was and about his infectious energy.  As we walked back to the car she said, “I get it now.”  You don’t fully understand until you witness it yourself.  It’s like the energy transfers to you somehow. 

I need to make something else clear.  In a Post No. 337 I wrote about “dating down”.  I talked about how I prefer to date tall men but that it’s what inside that really matters, and how someone makes you feel.  Again, I’m not a groupie, and am fully aware and respectful that Kenny is happily married.  I don’t know how tall he is – his head comes to the bottom of my chin – but I would totally date him if he were single.  FO SHO.  I guess now I have to create a Kenny Aronoff “Rule”.  Haha  (See Post Nos. 2 and 249.)

Kenny says he’ll be back for another lecture in October.  Come hell or high water, I will be there.  Not as a stalker or a groupie, but hopefully as a new friend.  

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