Monday, June 15, 2015

#399 Good Things

A few months ago I saw that the BoDeans were coming to Rathskeller, one of my favorite summer haunts.  I immediately bought a ticket, thinking if none of my friends went, I would for sure go by myself.  Luckily my friend Alyce got a gang together to go. 

I have loved the BoDeans since college and had heard that Kenny Aronoff had been touring with them.  As the concert approached I occasionally checked the BoDeans’ and Kenny Aronoff’s twitter feeds to get updates on whether Kenny would play with them at this date.  About a week before the show Kenny posted pictures from Hawaii so I thought he was taking a break and had resigned myself to the fact I wouldn’t get to see him. 

A couple days before the show I saw posts that he was coming!  Yes!!  I immediately sprang into action, making a skirt from the t-shirt I received after his appearance at Butler last fall (see Post No. 386).  I was ready. 

So last Thursday night Alyce and I met Tracey, Lyndsey, Shelby and Uncle Charlie, and headed for the biergarten.  I got a water from my favorite bartender and settled in at a table.  It was a beautiful night.  We missed former Push Down and Turn singer Jason Brown open, then heard current BoDeans member Sam Hawksley play the second opener.    

Once the Bodeans took the stage I was up in front.  I wanted Kenny to see my shirt (and hoped he'd remember meeting me).  The awkward placement of his face on the front (right above my crotch) prevented me from pointing at it so I stood back and hoped he see it.  Then I enjoyed the 1 1/2 hour show.  Alyce and I saw them at the Vogue several years ago, but this time was even better.  A beautiful summer night with beautiful music.  Doesn't get any better!

America's best drummer playing at America's best biergarten!
I hoped they would hang out a bit after the show, but they split out the side parking lot entrance.  Bummer!  Oh well, I met him in September and that was great, so we sat and chatted at the picnic table for about half an hour.  Around 10 p.m. we decided to leave.  Lindsey and Shelby wanted to stop and use the inside bathroom and I joined.  As we walked out, I saw a bald head coming out of the restaurant area.  “Kenny!!”  He turned around and I quickly said I’d seen him at Butler and was wearing his shirt.  He loved it!  He couldn’t get over it.  And he loved the placement of his face.  Hahaha  I then showed him the back and he loved that too. 

My friends were in shock.  While they took photos with him I attempted to introduce everyone.  “These are my friends Alyce and Tracey.  And this is Uncle Charlie.”  (He stood to the side.)  (Side note – Tracey is a huge John Mellencamp fan so this was cool for her too.) 

He said he’d be back in October for another talk similar to Butler and is playing with John Fogerty in July in Indy.  When I told him I’d seen him at Butler he asked if he’d met me.  Then asked, “Were you this tall then?”  He asked my name before he walked away and shook my hand. 

I am so serious when I say this - despite him being under 6’0”, I would totally go out with him if he wasn’t married.  My height limit would go out the window.  Buh bye! 

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Alyce told me prior to the show that she had a dream the night before that “something would happen.”  She was referring to when we saw Cheap Trick on New Year’s Eve many years ago (see Post No. 142). 

What a great night!  The BoDeans sounded great.  They are the sound of college to me.  I own maybe two of their CDs and honestly, I don’t understand the words to most of their songs, but I just love their sound.  And to see Kenny in action with a band was the cherry on top.  A very good thing.  

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