Thursday, July 3, 2014

#379 Bike Virginia 2014 - Eastward Bound!

Last week I was in eastern Virginia participating in the annual Bike Virginia Tour. 

I did this ride in 2009 (Post No. 17) and 2010 (Post No. 93), and although I learned to enjoy it, I vowed to never do it again.  It’s hot.  There are too many people.  I’m usually not in biking shape that early in the summer.  It’s hot.  But when I found out it was going to stop in Williamsburg, I had to do it.  My college roommate, Tammi, moved to Williamsburg in 2009 and I hadn’t seen her since then. 

We spend four nights at Pocahontas State Park in Chesterfield, VA.  It’s a nice park, although we bikers didn’t venture too far into the park.  We parked our cars in a big grassy area at the front and camped just inside.  Since our cars were there we drove around for dinner and even drove to Carytown one night.  That was a nice place and TheDaily Kitchen and Bar was great.  Highly recommend!   

We also went to Walmart three days in-a-row.  Steve (I met him on my first Bike VA Tour) needed something Friday so we looked around after breakfast and I ended up buying a new tent.  My 10-something year old Eureka was leaking through the floor and there was rain predicted for the week.  I saw a similar size Coleman that was guaranteed waterproof for $49.99.  Sold!  I love it and it performed well during the week.  Steve bought the Walmart special to test it out and returned it the next day because it leaked through the floor.
Taken by a reporter for the Virginia Gazette
Other bike friends who made this tour were “Little” Linda from North Carolina (guess who is “Big” Linda?), Duane and Andy from Dayton, and Boris from Cleveland.  I met Linda on BRAT (2011?) and the other guys on the Bon Ton Roulette (2012?).  It’s so fun to meet up with everyone on one ride.  (Too many question marks!  I can't remember when I did what these days, and can't even find it in my blog...)

the Lindas!
We rode loops around for four days, then Monday morning packed up to move to Chickahominy Riverfront Park in Williamsburg.  We stayed there two nights and I was able to visit with Tammi and her family in the evenings.  So fun!  Her daughter is heading to West Virginia University in the fall and her son will be a freshman in high school.  Such a great family! 


The Williamsburg area has some nice paved biking trails, although they are still sporadically working on them.  At certain points they would end, only to pick up a mile down the road.  It was nice to get off of the road though.  We also enjoyed walking around Colonial Williamsburg and even took a ferry across the James River.  I saw Jamestown from the ferry but didn’t take time to go in and see it.  Another interesting stop was to see Grant’sheadquarters at City Point.  Very cool. 

After biking back to Pocahontas Wednesday, I took a shower, ate lunch with my biking buddies, and drove to Charlottesville to visit with other friends.  I also had my first Airbnb experience.  I had a private room and bath near the University of Virginia for $85.  I thought it was a great deal.  Kelly and Mary picked me up and we had a lovely evening at the Charlottesville Downtown Mall.  I have been there several times and it’s such a great place.  There's nothing like spending time in a favorite place with two of my favorite people! 

Thursday I drove back home to Indiana.  Another successful bike trip with some bonuses along the way.  This will be my only long bike event of the season.  Even though I vowed to never do this ride again, I’m so glad I changed my mind. 

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