Tuesday, May 27, 2014

#377 Give To Live

My usual Memorial Day weekend routine involves me attending Carburation Day the Friday before the Indianapolis 500.  I enjoy watching practice and the pit contest, but I really like the music.  Some of the past acts I’ve seen are the B-52s, Live, Better Than Ezra and Brett Michaels (Post No. 347).  And the people watching can’t be beat.  
This year I decided to forgo Carb Day.  I am low on vacation days so am trying to conserve.  I also didn’t want to spend $20 to go, although I found out Carb Day is now $30!  When I first started going it was $10 and my neighbor Mr. Kelley used to let me in for free for a couple years. 
I was bummed to miss it because it turned out to be a beautiful day and I really like Sammy Hagar.  I pacified myself by looking out the window and listening to the Red Rocker on Spotify.  I also tried something new this year. 
A co-worker invited me to attend The Meaning of Memorial Day on Monument Circle.  It is the 500 Festival memorial service on the north steps of the circle.  There was a good crowd and it was a really nice service.  The mayor and governor were in attendance, along with other city and national dignitaries.  The 500 Festival queen and her court were also there in matching black and white ensembles.
 It was a very somber event, with the most touching point being the laying of the wreaths by three family members of Indiana soldiers killed during 2013. 
It’s easy to get caught up in the fun activities of the three-day weekend.  Yes, we pause for a moment of silence if we attend an event, but I need to remind myself to pause for more than just a moment and to really think about the men and women who have served and who currently serve this great country.  As governor Mike Pence said, for those who have lost a family member, every day is Memorial Day. 
While I was listening to Sammy, his song, “Give To Live” came on.  It really summed up the weekend for me.  “If you want love, you’ve got to give a little.”  These men and women have given all they have for us so we can enjoy going to the track, having cookouts with our family and friends, and going to a concert.  They have truly lived.  I thank you, and salute you. 

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