Thursday, August 29, 2013

#355 Head Up Young Person

I walk with my head up.  Maybe it’s because as a kid, my mom always told me to keep my head up and my shoulders back so I would have good posture.  Another reason may be that I like to look around when I walk.  I like to look at the plants, birds, buildings.  It’s also helpful to look for cars while crossing the street, or even bikes speeding down the sidewalk (a few weeks ago I almost got plastered by a bike). 

This morning as I walked the short distance from my gym to work, I saw a colorful moth on the side of the gym.  Beautiful markings!  A few steps further I saw my friendly praying mantis (I saw him last week too).  These are so fascinating, yet kinda creepy at the same time.  This one is huge, around five inches long.  In the bush next to the praying mantis I noticed a bright green beetle, maybe the size of a thumbnail.  I felt like a kid outside during science class.  ‘Oooooh, look at that!” 

As I got closer to my office, I saw others walking toward the front door.  One in particular was looking at his phone.  He continued to do so after entering the building.  I see people like this everywhere.  Walking around, sitting at restaurants, sitting in their cars.  They get one second of nothing to do and immediately grab their phones.  I admit I do this once-in-a-awhile.  I do try really hard to resist the urge and just sit or look around.  And think.  Ahhh, remember when people would sit and think?  Imagine?  Now we cram our lives with phones, constant music and TV. 

I challenge you the next time you have a lull during your day, instead of reaching for your phone, look out the window for a few seconds and look at your surroundings.  Look at the trees blowing in the wind.  Look at the pattern of the freshly-cut grass.  Try to see a shape in the clouds (hmmm, that one looks like a duck).  Enjoy your surroundings.  I promise you will see some really cool things.  And maybe come up with some really good ideas. 



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