Wednesday, February 15, 2012

#263 Talkin' 'Bout My Generation

During Super Bowl week, Paul, Lori and I went to the Super Bowl Village to see Darius Rucker. Due to the large crowd, we ended up watching him on the big screen on the far opposite side of where the stage was. He is great and we really enjoyed the show. Near the end, several college students stood in front/to the side of us and started singing along very loudly to "Hold My Hand." I think that was the only song of his they knew. After that song, one of the guys turned around and asked Paul, "Are you a Hootie fan?" Paul said, "No." (In Paul's defense, they were annoying. He also does not like to be bothered in public. Once at the Irvington Halloween festival, someone at one of the booths asked him if he was concerned about the jobless rate/the economy/whatever the issue was, and he replied, "No." and kept walking.)

To continue the story, the guy then asked me if I was a Hootie fan. I replied, "I am a Darius Rucker fan. He's not Hootie anymore." The guy then said, "For your generation he's Hootie." EXCUSE ME??!!! I was not happy to get my first generational comment. And you punks only know ONE SONG of his! That you can't even sing very well! Who sings this song? Darius (or even Hootie), so let him sing it! I am sorry to say these students were from Purdue.

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