Monday, August 8, 2011

#215 80s Night!

Last Saturday night I saw Night Ranger, Foreigner and Journey. I went with Heidi, Paula and Paula’s husband, Tommy. Awesome! All the bands looked and sounded great. I’ve seen Night Ranger a couple times and saw Journey a few years ago. I regret that I never saw the original Foreigner and Journey bands back in the day. The current Foreigner/Journey singers (Kelly Hansen and Arnel Pineda) are both great, but they’re no Lou Gramm or Steve Perry.

The night was perfect – not too hot, nice breeze, beautiful sky. The place was packed by the time Journey started. The crowd around us was fairly well-behaved. One guy almost danced into Heidi but he apologized. Someone dropped a beer on our blanket and we had soggy feet for the last part of the show. And the pot was wafting around (quote of the night, “Oh THAT’s pot.”). The people-watching was pretty good too. There was a family in front of us and the moms (around my age) were dancing up a storm, while their teenage sons stood behind mimicking them. To our right, a 20-something guy picked up a 45-year-old woman with much success. I heard his friend ask at one point, “35 or 45?” Then Paula relayed a conversation she’d had with a blond woman (maybe in her early 30s) who had asked Paula to take a picture of her and her friend. After they’d left, Paula told me that when she gave the camera back, the woman asked how tall I was. Then she said I was cute, and asked Paula if it was hard for me to find tall men to date. Paula told her I sometimes did. Then the woman said, “I’d do her.” Oooookaaaaaay. Well, I guess a compliment is a compliment.

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  1. We are going to remember this night forever!