Wednesday, August 4, 2010

#100 Megan's Mom

Yesterday I had dinner with Aaron at Steak n Shake. He leaves for Purdue in a little over a week so want to spend as much time with him as possible. I know he’s not falling off the face of the earth but it will be strange without him here. After a great dinner (I had the new guacamole burger) we headed to McAlister’s Deli, where Megan works. She’s moved up to the register now. Aaron and I were so close to having her take our order but another register popped open. Darn it – I wanted or order a pickle. Or a club sandwich with all of the items brought out on separate plates (“I have to build the sandwich myself.”). Not to be. After Aaron and I sat down he told me that the new manager asked him if I was Megan’s mom. Sigh. I am getting to THAT point in my life where I am now someone’s mom and not their sister. I still feel a small victory when someone calls me Miss instead of Ma’am. Aaron and I hung out for a while watching a show on ESPN about men who catch catfish with their bare hands. They wade into a creek and then go underwater to feel around for them. The catfish end up “eating” their arm and then they pull them out of the water. Gross! But I digress…I had a nice evening with Aaron (and Megan).

And congrats to me on my 100th posting! What a milestone!

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